AMG Educational Consultants specializes in:

Counseling Services

  • Applying To College – prepared to help everyone
    • We have the skills to take families from freshmen to senior year through the entire college process, commencing when it best suits the student’s needs. Provide college lists, testing guidance, resume building, time management, essay and application assistance.
    • Offering support for students at all levels: Ivy League potential, second and third tier colleges and universities, large state and Big 8 Conference Universities, NESCAC Colleges, local, regional and international institutions.
    • We can help those with special needs and specialized needs, providing athletic and special talent student support in identifying post-high school alternatives.
  • Secondary-school Admissions Counseling
    • Help families find appropriate day school, boarding school and specialized options locally, regionally, nationally and many schools in the United Kingdom.
    • Provide application and process assistance.
  • College Transfers
    • For students who wish to transfer to a new college for any reason.
    • Will counsel students on options, ramifications and needs for anyone considering an alternative educational path.
    • Will help with the entire application process.
    • Provide this service at an hourly rate only.
    • Testing options counseling
    • Help families by providing guidance in considering and managing the testing maze, determining what best suits their child.
    • Set an aggressive timetable and test prep referrals to match individual student needs. Guidance about which test(s) and when, test-optional schools, score choice decisions.
  • GAP Year
    • Whether during high school, after high school, during college, or post-college, GAP Year options are available. Rational and reasonable reflections about the alternatives available for those wanting to delay matriculation, take a break during or after college.
  • Post-College options: You’ve graduated. What’s next?
    • A fresh approach to the job market, the paid internship, the world after earning an undergraduate degree.
    • Provide graduate school lists and programs, career certificate information, online degree information, career internships, as well as counseling as to what is next.

The students who seek Andrea’s assistance run the full gamut from those with A+ Honors to struggling C students. Her success comes from her skill in helping each individual find the best match. Honest, realistic information helps the client navigate the complicated process. Each student is provided the guidance, encouragement, support and cheerleading necessary to traverse the landscape. For college counseling, some families need to touch base as early as freshmen year, others are not ready for the necessary conversations until junior year. Still others need reassurance picking courses, selecting activities, and finding appropriate summer opportunities all along the way. Similar needs exist at any level of the school or program selection process, but the key is the counseling piece that goes with it. Coaching students and supporting parents is the key to success.

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Countdown to College

If you’re in high school and you’re thinking about going to college, the time to start getting ready is NOW! The earlier you begin planning, the better prepared you’ll be. It’s never too late to get started, and we can help you make up for lost time!