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Whether you are applying to college, looking for a prep school or seeking advice about your adolescent, the process can be overwhelming. In the fast-paced world of information overload, it is essential to have personalized assistance to take you through the maze.

AMG Educational Consultants saves you time, worry and helps you avoid needless family battles. The challenge of adolescence is eased when a trained and experienced outsider supports the family and the student. Easing that stress can make the difference in defining the whole process.  Counseling in the college and independent school placement field since 1988, Andrea Glovsky has successfully assisted hundreds of individual students by matching their particular interests and abilities to the most appropriate schools.

Advice You Can Trust
Where does AMG Educational Consultants fit into the picture? That’s easy. High School guidance offices are overwhelmed. Many counselors are responsible for over 400 students. Some students rarely get to speak to their counselor and need more personal advice. AMG can give a family the support they really need. Andrea can lead a student through the entire process step-by-step while minimizing the stress. She treats every student as an individual with specific goals, strengths, and dreams while meeting all the needs of the individual with honest, targeted support. As a counselor, Andrea understands the dynamics of adolescents and their relationship with both parents and peers.

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Second only to love, a good education is the greatest gift a parent can give a child. Make learning fun and meaningful and the gift will last forever. Education is the roots and all there is left to do is give them wings.