About Us




Andrea Glovsky is the principal of AMG Educational Consultants. She brings 35 years of experience in the field of education and counseling to the company. Currently and for the past 25 years her focus has been as a private educational consultant.

  • Successfully providing counseling to families in college and independent school (K-12) admissions.
  • Regularly visiting scores of colleges and private schools worldwide and connecting with educators and admissions staff.
  • Frequently lecturing and writing about applying to college, parenting, adolescence, and adolescent educational issues.
  • Locally, regionally and nationally contributing to improving education by serving on committees and boards connected to education.
  • Currently working on a book to address the emotional stress of the college process based on years of experience counseling adolescents and their parents.

Feel free to email questions to Andrea.

College and the ‘Net

The Internet has played a major roll in the entire college process. Information on the net is endless; varied, confusing, and of questionable accuracy. Not only are all students applying online, but they are applying to a record number of schools. Ten years ago it was common practice to apply to six colleges. Now many students are applying to 12 to 15. The cost of college has skyrocketed, making the best choice even harder. The process is changing constantly and staying abreast of changes is difficult even for guidance counselors. Having knowledgeable individualized one-on-one up-to-date assistance can make a difference in easing the stress.