How It Works




We Coach Students by:

  • Assessing and establishing realistic goals with student
  • Monitoring and keeping stress levels in check
  • Exploring and identifying options and appropriate school matches
  • Creating a personalized targeted list of schools
  • Planning test taking timetable to optimize students schedule and talents
  • Brainstorming essay concepts and their development
  • Strategizing recommendation selection
  • Developing and enhancing an academic and extracurricular resume through informed choices and summer planning.
  • Maximizing the use of student’s interests and passion in order to present them to schools in the best possible light.
  • Communicating regularly in order to support and encourage students, building a meaningful and trusting relationship
  • Providing timelines and deadlines to help relieve the last minute pressure
  • Navigating and supporting the entire application process, including: essay development, interview techniques, application review, unlimited email, text, phone, and meetings (in person or via video conferencing).

We Support Parents by:

  • Mediating and reducing family conflict and stress
  • Offering a healthy buffer between adolescent and parent
  • Developing an appropriate school list based on the student’s strengths, interests, preferences, needs and concerns
  • Providing outside objective information and resources to the family
  • Organizing family and students throughout the process
  • Giving honest and direct assessment of possibilities
  • Referring families to appropriate outside evaluation and professionals when necessary

Timing – WHY NOW?

If you are in high school and you’re thinking about going to college, or a seventh grader hoping to go to private school, or a graduate student thinking about post college options, the time to start getting ready is NOW! The earlier you begin planning, the better prepared you’ll be. It’s never too late to get started, and we can help you make up for lost time!

When counseling families in the area of college counseling, we recommend starting the process early. A call to plan freshmen courses is not too soon. Some parents call just to plan courses and strategies. Senior year can be too late to fix a missing course or a wrong track.


Fees for college and prep school placement are usually charged based on a long-term agreement involving a flat fee to cover all aspects of the service.  Fee rates are based on the year that the process is begun. Others services are provided on an hourly rate of $200 per hour, used especially by students very late in the process, those who want to transfer or find a targeted program late in the process. Payment plans can be arranged.